National Programs


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – Our alliance with BBBS helps increase the participation of male role models in the lives of children. Xi Tau Lambda continues to spearhead local recruitment initiatives to increase the number of African-American male mentors for BBBS. The annual “Barbershop Recruitment” that is practiced nationally was initiated right here in Dallas by the Brothers of Xi Tau Lambda.  The majority (85%) of Chapter Brothers have been matched with little brothers as a testament of the chapter’s commitment to this partnership.

 March of Dimes – Several times throughout the year, Xi Tau Lambda sponsors Project Alpha in partnership with the March of Dimes. This program is a day-long seminar to educate young males (ages 12 to 18) about the consequences of teen pregnancy. Xi Tau Lambda is a perennial participant in the annual March for Babies, an event which raises funds to support premature birth research.

Boy Scouts of America – Xi Tau Lambda provides funding support to a Boy Scout Troop  in North Dallas for scouting trips and other activities that help build character.

National Programs

“Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College” – This program promotes academic excellence and higher education. Through a unique partnership with the Dallas Independent School District, the encouragement begins at the elementary grade levels. Each week, Xi Tau Lambda volunteers participate in mentoring and tutoring activities at Paul Laurence Dunbar Learning Center in Dallas. The Chapter also awards scholarships to local, college-bound seniors who have excelled academically, assists high school students with expenses for college tours and funds individual requests for financial aid for educational purposes.

 “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People” – This is our ongoing campaign to promote political action by registering and educating voters. Special emphasis is on young voters (ages 18 to 25) to increase their awareness of important political issues. Successful voter registration drives and campaigns have proven to be a true catalyst for encouraging young adults to become aware of important local and national issues. For the recent 2008 Presidential Election, Xi Tau Lambda executed a grassroots “get out the vote” effort which included physically transporting voters to their local polling place in a Dallas precinct known for its low voter turnout.

“Brother’s Keeper” – Brother’s Keeper is a service program developed with the mission of advocating for and improving the quality of life for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. brothers, their spouses, and widows who are retired, are elders, have disabilities and are ailing. Upon identification of need, the Brother’s Keeper Program also provides assistance to mature and ailing members of its communities. Limitations caused by advanced age place demands on family members, caregivers, and the larger community to ensure that elders remain independently functional. The goal of the Brother’s Keeper Program is to promote dignity and independence among Alpha family and community members who need help in keeping their lives and homes functional. Though this is the newest National program, the Brothers of Xi Tau Lambda have served locally as Brother’s Keepers  for the past decade.